FAQ - Cap & Gown

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When and where will my cap and gown be delivered to?
Your cap and gown will be delivered in the spring. You will be notified by Herff Jones and also your school when and where you will pick up your cap and gown. Most senior cap and gown deliveries take place on campus. Some schools have special delivery events. You will be communicated with regarding the date, time and location for cap and gown delivery.

What measurements do you need for my cap and gown?
We want your cap and gown to fit properly. We need your gender, height and weight to do so. If you order online you will be asked for your height and weight. Please be as accuarate as possbile. Caps are one size fits all. We do not need your cap size.

What happens if I still have a balance on a previous Herff Jones order?
If you have a previous balance on a ring or your graduation announcements you must pay this balance before your cap and gown will be delivered to you.